Natalie Paetzold graduated in 2018 with a Masters of Fine Arts Photography Degree from the University from the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK. She also holds a BA 1st Class Honours Degree in Photography from the UCA. Natalie is currently based in Hamburg, Germany where she works as a Junior Producer.

She has been shortlisted for the RPS International Photography Exhibition 161 and nominated for the Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Award 2018 as well as the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2017. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally and were shown in China, India and the UK.

My work is inspired by personal experience and the notion of the photographic journey. The concepts that I work with are embedded in research connected with the narrative of home, loss and belonging. I am particularly interested in the ideas that inform contemporary photographic practice such as the simulacrum and indexicality in connections to memory. These concepts are influenced through the development of digital technology and modify the way one observes photographs and experiences the moment. I work with landscape, portraiture and still life to examine emotional states that are pertinent to modern living such as health, anxiety and stress.

Finding the Void is rooted in the desire to free one‘s head from one’s thoughts through the rhythm of walking within a nature setting. Placing one step in front of another helps to clear one‘s mind due to the ongoing act of repetition. The body of work is an investigation into meditation and landscape. Through using digitally reconstructed photography the work explores an immersion into both land and seascapes, creating a conscious state of being. Both surroundings allow contemplation through different visual experiences; being an active practitioner or being an observer. The ambiguous spheres create an awareness of the indexical nature of the photograph and blend the past, present and future together. Through walking, wandering, thinking and looking these strikingly coloured images reflect on ideas of phenomenology and perception, whilst also considering the possibilities of parallel worlds.

Where do I start, where do I end? is a work in progress and investigates a subjects aftermath of receiving a heart valve transplant through portraits and images of water. Returning back to normality after undergoing the operation is not easy for all patients. Even though one has the possibility to live, some suffer under trauma of the incomprehensible possibility of being alive even though one‘s own heart was not able to function anymore. The images reference Plato‘s anecdote where souls return back to earth after they have drunken from the river "unmindfulness" and forget about their past life. It builds the premise for the complex philosophy of life, death and identity.



Shortlisted for The Royal Photographic Society's International Photography Exhibition 161

Nominated for the Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Award 2018

Nominated for the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2017

Group Exhibitions

02/2019 International Photography Exhibition IPE 161 – Bristol, RPS House, Bristol, UK

10/2018 Out of the Ordinary, Bridewell Theater Bar Gallery, London, UK

10/2018 This is our land - Speaking in Photos, Foyer Gallery, Farnham, UK

06/2018 MFA Photography Graduate Showcase, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

01/2018 MA and Other Postgraduates Exhibition 2018, Atkinson Gallery, Street, UK

01/2018 Graduate Photography Show, The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, UK

01/2018 Flora, Woking Train Station, Woking, UK

11/2017 This is our land, Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui, China

10/2017 The Lightbox Photographic Open, The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, UK

02/2017 Blown Away, The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, UK

11/2016 The One Fest, Goa, India

06/2016 F/38, Hoxton Arches, London, UK

05/2016 Photography Graduate Showcase, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

01/2016 Highlights from the University for the Creative Arts, The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, UK

01/2016 Relative, Foyer Gallery, Farnham, UK

11/2015 Lishui Photography Festival, No.7 Building of the Oil Pump Factory, Lishui, China

05/2015 Hidden Oculto, Farnham Museum Garden Gallery, Farnham,UK

11/2014 Faded, Baruba Bar, Farnham, UK